Mutual trust and certainty for supplier and client in 

                 the settlement of transactions. Funds are always safe in escrow

Why use SAFE?

  1. The entire payment process becomes faster and more efficient for both client and supplier.
  2. Your money is - via SAFE Payments - safe in escrow until the moment the delivery has taken place.
  3. SAFE Payments will only pay out the remaining amount once everything has been processed in accordance with the purchase agreement. A deal = a deal.
  4. With SAFE Payments you can easily and quickly pay (online) via your own personal order page.
  5. SAFE Payments keeps you informed of the order status by e-mail and, if desired, also by SMS.

Your supplier also likes to handle a transaction via SAFE Payments, because before the delivery takes place he already knows that you have fulfilled your obligations and that SAFE Payments will pay out directly after delivery. To find out more, click here for the brochure